The most important part of WAMECH’s activity is the design, comprehensive production and delivery of intralogistic platforms and trolleys. Together with an industrial tractor, they form a logistic (tugger) train used in the organization of internal logistics. They are a highly appreciated solution by our customers for an efficient handling process, characterized by mechanical reliability, versatility and efficiency.
We offer a wide range of solutions and models of wheeled platforms and trolleys used in transport by Mizusumaki trains. The fully mechanical design is characterized by low operating costs due to low failure rate, no obligatory inspections, ease of servicing and higher operational safety.
A properly planned and equipped process of moving materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the plant is the basis for optimal production efficiency. Logistics trains are very often used to develop an effective intralogistics system in enterprises.

Lean Manufacturing, first introduced by Toyota, is the standard of choice for creating an effective and efficient intralogistics process in a plant or warehouse. It is a management system which aims to obtain high financial results and provide the customer with a product of the highest quality, while eliminating waste and unnecessary operations in the production process.
This concept, in relation to internal transport, is mainly based on:
– elimination of overproduction and gathering redundant stocks
– reducing unnecessary traffic, stops and empty runs
– ensuring the smooth flow of materials
Platforms and trolleys are involved in the movement of materials in logistic trains for the needs of production plants and warehouses. Their use allows you to increase safety and significantly optimize the route and minimize delivery times. Empty runs are limited by the Milk Run technique, otherwise known as the milkman’s loop.
Logistic train with Wamech Liners
pociąg logistyczny z platformamy TAXI-LINER
The quality of products, and in particular the welding process, is an element of the highest attention at WAMECH. A strict control of the execution of projects according to documentation, correctness of welds and final acceptance is under constant observation by our quality control department. We have implemented and regularly confirmed quality management systems: ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 3834: 2.
Certificate ISO 9001:2015 WAMECH ENG

We have many years of experience in providing mechanical intralogistics solutions.

We design and manufacture reliable and universal intralogistic platforms and trucks adapted to the most specialized internal transport processes.