Our decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying equipment for internal logistics has enabled us to develop a number of innovative solutions. In order to better respond to the needs of our customers we have decided to extend our offer with automatic transport systems REDGE AGV.

What are AGVs?

Self-driving AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle) are automated mobile robots used in intralogistics transport in warehouses and manufacturing plants. They carry materials on themselves or behind them (in a logistics train) moving along a planned path, or heading to a designated load location after scanning it.
REDGE AGVs can use magnetic, laser or virtual navigation as required. They are equipped with cameras and laser scanners that constantly monitor the space around the unit and prevent collisions. On the front panel there is a touch screen for easy and fast configuration. Cargo identification is done by reading RFID tags.

Benefits of the REDGE AGV ecosystem

– Thanks to SWARM (herd intelligence) vehicle communication technology, no master control center configuration is needed, and up to 500 robots can work together!
– Three AGV models (S2, M3 and L1) with different sizes and payloads (up to 3000 kg) to suit any need
– Uninterrupted operation thanks to contact and inductive charging systems
– Dedicated and reliable accessories and equipment such as docking stations and transport carts
– Possibility of live monitoring of the entire process thanks to information sent by AGV units: current position, load status or job status.
– Flexibility in terms of changing process diagrams or intersecting routes
Stacje dokujące REDGE

REDGE docking stations


REDGE AGV vehicles

Wózki transportowe REDGE

REDGE Transport Carts

Applications for REDGE AGVs

– Repetitive, tedious or hazardous activities in which robots replace personnel
– Replacement of personnel in repetitive, tedious or hazardous work
– Transporting heavy loads
– Processes that require stability, regularity and security of supply and receipt
– When equipped with conveyors, they can work directly with the production line and the storage process
Working REDGE mobile robots in the plan

Deployed REDGE AGVs during plant operations


Looking to automate material handling in your business?

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