We are doing our best to provide the highest quality products therefore to ensure it we have obtained and hold certificates for quality management system - ISO 9001:2015 and for quality of welding metal materials - ISO:3834-2.


1. Quality means fulfilment of current and future needs of client simultaneously having the needs of own company secured. That means the quality itself is always a compromise between technical features and production cost. Therefore correctly understood quality is always profitable.

2. Ensurement of proper quality is being done in proactively way - selfcontrol is being executed also in very first stages of the production.

3. Quality is being developed by all team members. That is why we treat the leadership as an essential issue to ensure the stable quality in all activities being taken up in the company.

4. Quality requirements follow the needs being stated by the customers, norms and law regulations. They are being described in detail in procedures, guides and instructions and there are being available at any time.

5. Implementation and maintenance of quality system management ISO 9001 give us basis of organization and is a supplementary mean in realization of our company aim: to achieve quality desired by the client with complicity and with help of all our employees

6. The wish of our team is to produce the items we would like to buy ourselves.