For our company human resources are one of the most valuable issues and for sure key factor of our dymanic growth. Being a family company ever since we treat each of our employees as a part of it and we think that all of us contribute for its success. Pro-partnership approach in supervisor-subordinate relations putting on the support in solving problems allows us to build a strong company together from the very beggining. In addition to a stable place of employment , we can offer a nice working environment and opportunities for comprehensive development with technically advanced projects. Most of projects being realized by our company are dedicated solutions being designed for the biggest companies all over the World such as Dailmler AG, Valeo, MAN.


Wamech from the very beggining is a family company - founded on 1989 year by Mr Piotr Wąsik. Thanks to hard work, innovative ideas and engagement company has achieved a big success and each year we are growing very fast. Nowadays position of the Chairman of the Board is being held by Wojciech Wąsik - son of the company's founder.

piotr wąsik właściciel wamech

Piotr Wąsik, Chairman of the Board, founder of WAMECH company

Twenty-five years is quite much and little at the same time.  All depends if the company is emerged for a couple of contracts or for generations. We have started our business activity as a producer of innovative mechanical devices during the diffult time in Poland when the private actions were unwelcomed initiative and associated with the low quality of product.  From the very beggining we have fought with this stereopthype. Now we are proud of our brand and continuous growth of Company. We have a great team which can take up even the most difficult challenges. Our crew consists of experienced, case-harden in tough projects associates but also young, full of enthusiasm innovators. And above all there is a precisely determined a vision of future and strategy created for the next generations by our son, Wojciech.

Everyday brings changes, interesting ideas and solutions. Probably this is one of the reasons we like our work. We keenly share our experiences because we are aware of fact that in 25 years time our son will need the support of the next generation in solving the problems we can not foresee at this time.